Step 1 Formulation

Choose product formulation from available ready-to-use ones or let us develop tailored composition. Together we will create a dietary supplement that meets all your requirements and we will select an optimal manufacturing technology.

Step 2 Packaging

Let our experts choose the best packaging type for fixed number of capsules or basis weight. We will also help you in creating labels that meet all legal criteria. You can provide graphic design on your own or have it be designed by our designers.

Step 3 Order

Specify the number of packages you would like to produce. Do not worry, we have flexible approach to each client and offer low minimum production size. Now all you have to do is place an order. You will receive a product ready for sale even within 8 weeks.

About us

SUPPLELAB is a reliable business partner. You can always count on our competencies, regardless of whether you are just starting out in the diet supplement industry or you have been working in it for years.

You have no ideas for an innovative product? Do not worry! We cooperate with manufacturers of innovative active ingredients and closely follow industry trends. That is why we are familiar with the issues such as co-branding, clean label, healthy ageing, nootropics or super plants. We are creative and think outside the box. We believe that the future of the food supplements market lies in the hands of very aware consumers, who reach only for the highest quality natural and bioavailable products.

Innovative products

Why us?

  • Short lead times
  • Wide range of products
  • Low minimum order size


Our modern manufacturing facility has implemented a quality control system that meets the requirements laid down in HACCP, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good hygienic practice (GHP). We do not pay attention only to a price when choosing our suppliers. The quality of raw materials and care of the production process at all stages translates directly into the highest quality and safety of our supplements.


SUPPLELAB hires a team of experienced specialists who have been dealing in manufacturing and sale of food supplements and sport nutrition products. These are people who enjoy ambitious and demanding tasks that often pose a problem for others. We are a contract manufacturer and do not have our own brand. That is why our qualified R&D team can completely focus on tasks entrusted to us by our customers.


We run our business in a comprehensive manner, providing assistance to our clients at every step. You do not have to be an industry specialist to create high-quality products. We will do it for you in accordance with the latest scientific studies and all legal requirements that have a direct impact of final marketing. That is how you will be able to completely focus on the promotion and sale of the new product range.

Product development

Our R&D team helps in creating and developing innovative formulas of food supplements.


We have our own manufacturing facility that is equipped with modern machinery.


Our packaging has modern design and ensures maximum protection and safety of the product.


Labels applied to the products are manufactured using all available printing techniques.


We draw up complete process and quality documentation.


We provide product notification services before placing them on the market.

Real manufacturer, not another broker

SUPPLELAB has its own manufacturing plant along with research and development facilities. We are not another intermediary who commissions production to other companies. We manufacture from scratch high-quality dietary supplements based on the most innovative active ingredients for our clients. Our offer consists of a wide range of dry and liquid dietary supplements. We specialise in hard capsules and dietary supplements for athletes.

More about the company

Ready-to-use formulas or own recipes

Our company has developed a wide range of ready-to-use formulas of food supplements from all the most popular product groups. This is a great convenience for our customers as it makes it possible to avoid the time-consuming industrialization phase. You can also let us modify current composition or create product formula from scratch. Our research and development department will quickly develop a formulation that meets all of the initial assumptions.

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