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We specialize in solid dose, such as hard-shell capsules, powders, collagen hydrolysates or dietary supplements for athletes.

SUPPLELAB offers a very wide range of products. In our own plant we manufacture and package dietary supplements in various forms. We specialize in solids, such as hard capsules (gelatin, cellulose, pullulan and with an extended release profile), as well as collagen hydrolysates and other powder mixtures.

Product form Minimum order quantity Lead time
Capsules #00 with powder filling
hard gelatin capsules (HGC) white and transparent 60 000 pcs 6-10 weeks
hard gelatin capsules (HGC) color 280 000 pcs 8-12 weeks
hard cellulose capsules (HPMC) white and transparent 60 000 pcs 6-10 weeks
hard cellulose capsules (HPMC) white and color 280 000 pcs 8-12 weeks
hard cellulose capsules (HPMC) Clean Label 60 000 pcs 6-10 weeks
hard cellulose capsules (HPMC) Organic 280 000 pcs 8-12 weeks
hard cellulose capsules (HPMC) with delayed release (AR) white and transparent 280 000 pcs 8-12 weeks
hard pullulan capsules white and transparent 280 000 pcs 8-12 weeks
Powders up to 500 g
collagen hydrolyzate powder (marine and bovine) 250 kg 10-12 weeks
pre-workout / post-workout 250 kg 10-12 weeks
multi-components products 300 kg 10-12 weeks

In our modern manufacturing plant, we produce various food supplements which belong to all most popular product categories. These include fit or health-oriented products that supplement most common dietary deficiencies of the main macro- and micro-nutrients, including multivitamin complexes or mono-preparations. Our customers also show great interest in supplements containing high quality herbal extracts with revitalizing and strengthening effect, weight-loss preparations, sexual enhancers, or supplements for hair and skin.

We have all facilities needed and necessary experience to produce dietary supplements for athletes and physically active people. The sport nutrition category is one of the fastest growing segments of the market. We manufacture various supplements for athletes, such as powders used to reconstitute sport drinks, including amino acids, pre- and post-workout supplements and creatines. In this category one could also distinguish specialized formulas in capsules, such as fat burners, thermogenic supplements, testosterone boosters or vitamin and mineral complexes intended for athletes.

Our production methods are based on knowledge, experience and proprietary technology. As we combine these elements with manufacturing plant equipped with modern machinery, we are able to provide services for the benefit of both large institutions and small business entities. Small companies that are just starting their business are many of our clients. We know very well that the path from starting up to a large enterprise is often very short. That is why we treat our clients as equal partners, offering them flexible terms and low minimum order size. For some this will help make their debut on the market of dietary supplements. Others will be able to start a new project, reducing investment outlays.

Our technological line has been designed with respect to the state-of-art methods to optimize production. They allow us to reduce the production changeover time to the absolute minimum, enabling smooth and flexible modification of forms and formulations. At the same time, we maintain the highest level of product purity and matching with specification.

It is worth mentioning that machines are not everything. Qualified employees are the greatest asset of SUPPLELAB. We are not a big corporation. That is why we are all fully involved in one superior goal, starting from customer service, through technologists, production operators, research and to development department or marketing department. This is to develop brands of our clients by supplying them with highest quality dietary supplements that are outstanding on the market. To completely focus on the mission of our company, we do not manufacture products with our own logo.

Fill in a simple form in order to evaluate the production process of given supplement. We are aware of the fact that time is of particular importance, which is why in most cases you will be provided with an offer within 48 hours from your enquiry.

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