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Each product needs to be uniquely packed. Such solutions will effectively protect its contents against the impact of the external environment throughout the entire shelf life.

High quality plastic packaging

SUPPLELAB offers high-quality plastic and glass packaging from major European suppliers. We work with the best and the fastest companies that print on cardboard packaging as well as labels and laminates used to manufacture bags and sachets. Labels and unit cardboard boxes are made using any possible printing technique, including a very broad refinement possibilities. Owing to preferential financial and time-related terms and conditions that we have negotiated with printing houses, we are able to efficiently handle both small volumes based on digital printing as well as large orders using flexography and offset technology.

More importantly, we do not implement the cheapest solutions available on the market but we cooperate with reliable global manufacturers. All packaging, labels and cardboard boxes are made of pure, safe and tested raw materials. Elements that have direct contact with the product, e.g. jars, lids, membranes, have received necessary certificates, e.g. they have been approved to come in contact with food, and have undergone detailed analysis of their barrier properties in relation to factors, such as water vapour, air or temperature.

Design is also an extremely important feature of well-chosen packaging, apart from protection of the product. We operate in a comprehensive manner, in consultation with the client. We examine their expectations and select packaging optimal for a given product size – basis weight or number of capsules. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions in various shapes and colours:

  • glass, PET and HDPE jars,
  • stabilo and doypack foil bags,
  • sachets, tubes,
  • unit cardboard boxes with a leaflet.

We provide assistance and consultation as regards the layout and design of the product. However, you can also design it on your own based on technical data provided by us. Ultimately, it is all about your product and your brand. That is why everything should look exactly as you expect it to be.



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